WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers patch 6.0

Here are auras for All Classes and Engineers for patch 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, and Warlords of Draenor.

  • There are three sets of auras.
  • Extra media used through SharedMedia:
    • Font: Tw Cent MT Bold (Added via MyMedia, Read “INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt”)
    • Bar texture: BantoBar

10/23/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • All: Updated strings for current version of WeakAuras. No changes have been made.

04/08/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

01/19/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

01/19/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Created post with initial exports.

How To


At Github.

  • Heroism
  • Bloodlust
  • Time Warp
  • Ancient Hysteria
  • Netherwinds
  • Drums of Fury

Armor Procs

Note: If you are using my Shaman auras, these overlap with the Cooldowns. I’m working on a solution to this that I’m happy with, but in the meantime, just drag or reposition it somewhere on your interface that works for you (for example underneath your Active Buffs).
At Github.

  • Warlords of Draenor Weapon Enchants:
      Mark of Blackrock
      Mark of Shadowmoon
    1. Mark of the Frostwolf
    1. Mark of the Thunderlord
    1. Mark of Warsong
    1. Mark of Bleeding Hollow
    1. Mark of the Shattered Hand
  • Scopes:
      Oglethorpe’s Missile Splitter
      Megawatt Filament
    1. Hemet’s Heartseeker
  • Trinkets:
      Alchemy-Draenic Philosopher’s Stone
      Knight’s Badge
    1. Sandman’s Pouch
    1. Winged Hourglass
    1. Skull of War
    1. Lucky Double-Sided Coin
    1. Copeland’s Clarity
    1. Scabbard of Kyanos
    1. Kyb’s Foolish Perseverance

To add other trinkets:

  • Right click one of the existing trinket auras and choose “Duplicate.”
  • Right click the new aura and choose “Rename.”
  • Change the name to the name of the new trinket.
  • Select the aura.
  • Select the “Trigger” tab.
  • Replace the name of the old trinket’s proc with the name of the new trinket’s proc or active buff in the box under “Aura Name”. To find this you can either test on a dummy until it shows up and mouse over the buff for the name or you can try searching Wowhead.
    For example: The Assurance of Consequence‘s buff is called Dextrous.


These share a location with the Heroism/Bloodlust aura. All icons share the same location as it is rare for any of them to be used at the same time.
At Github.

  • Belt (these will only load on Engineers):
      Nitro Boosts
      Watergliding Jets
    1. Grounded Plasma Shield
    1. Invisibility Field
  • Cape:
      Goblin Glider
      Flexweave Underlay
  • Devices:
      Shieldronic Shield
      Stealthman 54
    1. Goblin Dragon Gun, Mark II
    1. Goblin Dragon Gun

Other WeakAuras


  1. Thanks so much for these weakauras! I’ve been looking for a way to monitor my trinkets and the directions for how to add additional trinkets were perfect! Thanks again!!

    • Hi Wizabuff,

      I’m glad the directions were helpful!

    • Hello,thanks for the reply!There is a way to change the icon border (to none);i don’t even think it is considered as border but its the black frame around the actual icon.Hope this can be done in some way and thank you in advance!

  2. Hello can you make an aura for Kill Shot to always show the icon,glow on 35%/20% and showing a timer on the icon while the spell is on cooldown?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Heentz,

      I think this set should do what you’re asking for: http://pastebin.com/h9zCYryA

      There are 4 different auras within the set: 1 for each spec for the always shown icon and 1 for each spec with a glow for when it’s able to be used. They have to be different for each spec because different spell IDs are used by Blizzard.

      Let me know if you have any questions or problems. :)

      • The icon doesn’t seems to glow at 20/35%.Thank you for the reply!Also there is a way to change the “border” around the icon to none like to have only the raw icon from the game w/o any pixels around?Ty

        • Hi Heentz,

          Sorry, I haven’t messed with glows before and it looks like it’s dependent on the name of the aura. I had renamed the BM Glow aura after setting up the glow, so it had stopped working. If you’re curious it’s under the Actions tab under “On Show”.

          There is not a border on these icons. If you have a black border then you might have another addon (Masque) affecting how they look. If you look at the “Display” tab and under “Zoom” they are set to “29%” which removes the game’s default gray border. If you want the default game icon then you can set it to 0% instead.

          I updated the paste with the new import string: http://pastebin.com/h9zCYryA

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