Introducing the WeakAuras Wiki

A few months ago I began writing a WeakAuras FAQ. After publishing the first post I realized that I was unhappy with the WordPress format for such a complex topic. I had just begun the final course in my Technical Writing certificate and chose to turn the FAQ into a wiki.

Here it is!

Unofficial WeakAuras Wiki

While it was partially inspired by the PowerAuras Wiki, I chose not to directly host aura strings and instead link to where players have shared their strings instead. Going that route will give the authors their hits and ensure that the strings are more likely stay updated. Each class has a page dedicated to links to strings for their class. There is also an All Classes page which includes links to strings that are useful for various reasons (examples: tanking, engineering tinkers, trinkets, legendary item procs).

Everything on the wiki is complete thus far except for the Examples page which only has shorthand steps for most of the aura types. Constructive feedback is always welcome!

Other WeakAuras:

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