WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers – Legion

BATTLE FOR AZEROTH UPDATE 2018/08/21 – See the Battle for Azeroth and 8.0 version: WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers – Battle for Azeroth

WeakAuras for all classes and Engineers updated for patch 7.2. Included are proc/buff auras for Heroism/Bloodlust, all Legion potions, Legion neck enchants, all multi-class legendaries, and engineering devices.

  • These auras are made to occupy the left half of the screen while my hunter proc auras occupy the right (as shown in the above image).
  • These auras are localized and will work for all languages!
  • Extra media used through SharedMedia:
    • Font: Tw Cent MT Bold (Added via MyMedia, Read “INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt”)
    • Bar texture: BantoBar


2017/12/29 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.5.1 – Live 7.3.2

  • Changed Golganneth’s Vitality’s basic proc and Eonar’s Compassion’s basic proc to use SPELL_AURA_APPLIED instead of SPELL_DAMAGE. They will now show for their full duration AND duplicate and show for each additional proc (I’ve seen up to 4 Jade Blossoms up at once!).
  • Changed regular buffs and empowered buffs to not have Own Only checked.
  • Removed glow from Eonar’s compassion shield on your target. Only the empowered buff on yourself will glow.

2017/12/24 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.5.1 – Live 7.3.2

  • Added Murderous Intent.
  • Added Shadow-Singed Fang buffs just because.

2017/12/08 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.25 – Live 7.3.2

  • Added glow to empowered buffs, removed pulse.
  • Added empowered Eonar buff on player (different spellID per class).
  • Changed Eonar’s empowered shield on target to the correct spellID based on logs.
  • Confirmed Aman’thul’s Grandeur, Aggramar’s Fortitude, Golganneth’s Thunderous Wrath, Norgannon’s Command, and Khaz’goroth’s Shaping spellIDs as correct via logs.

2017/12/03 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.25 – Live 7.3.2

  • Fixed Netherlight Crucible target debuffs to be Own Only.

2017/12/01 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.25 – Live 7.3.2

  • Added Netherlight Crucible traits.
  • Added Titan Pantheon trinkets.

2017/07/18 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.14 – Live 7.2.5

  • Added Trinket-Stormsinger Fulmination Charge.

2017/06/19 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.3 – LIVE 7.2.5

  • Checked “Own Only” box for Mark of the Distant Army.

2017/06/12 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.2-29-g6045607 – PTR 7.2.5

  • Localized ALL auras. Can be used on any language client now!
  • Added in-game descriptions to the WeakAura groups so you can see the last updated date when glancing at it.
  • Added Skystep Potion and Skaggldrynk.
  • Added Neck Enchants: Mark of the Claw, Mark of the Heavy Hide, and Mark of the Distant Army.

2017/05/02 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.1-5-gc3aa41d – Live 7.2

New post for Legion.  Prior version from Warlords of Draenor.

  • Heroism/Bloodlust: Added Drums of the Mountain.

Potions, Engineering, Trinkets, Legendaries

  • Moved Engineering auras into large general set.
  • Added Legion Engineering devices.
  • Replaced custom loading code with Spell Known: Engineering load condition for belt tinkers.
  • Added an aura to show remaining time on your active potion.
  • Only one Trinket auras included by default now – customize and duplicate as you need.
  • Added all of the multi-class legendary procs. Single-class legendaries are not included.

How To


At Github.

Potions, Engineering, Trinkets, Legendaries

At Github.

To add other trinkets:

  1. Right click the existing trinket aura and choose “Duplicate.”
  2. Change the name to the name of the new trinket.
  3. Select the aura.
  4. Select the “Trigger” tab.
  5. Replace the name/spellID of the old trinket’s proc with the name of the new trinket’s proc or active buff in the box under “Aura Name”. To find this you can either test on a dummy until it shows up and mouse over the buff for the name or you can try searching Wowhead. For example: Bloodthirsty Instinct’s buff is called Blood Frenzy.

Other WeakAuras

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