Ready for the Legion Wardrobe? Speed up transmog learning with Can I Mog It!


Have you learned that BoE plate item your Priest has? Can I Mog It will tell you!

Why do I need it? What does it do?

The default UI tooltip only tells about items the character you are on can wear. Can I Mog It works across your account for all of your characters and tells you:

  • If you have learned it.
  • If you have learned it, but from a different item.
  • If you have learned it, but can’t transmog it (wrong armor type or too low level).
  • If you can learn it.
  • If you can’t learn it on this character.
  • If you can’t learn it (necks, trinkets, rings, etc.).

What does it look like?

Where do I get it?

New Features Releasing on Patch Day

Options Menu

  • Debug Tooltip
  • Show on Equippable Items Only
  • Show on Transmoggable Items Only

If you have learned it, but can’t transmog it (wrong armor type or too low level).

Exclusion list to deal with items that the API is reporting wrong.

Regarding the Known Issues

The worst of the current known issues (shared appearance across armor types and exception items) will have bandaids applied in the patch day version. These bandaids include an exclusion list and a “We don’t know if you know it” tooltip.

The others (icons flickering, token items, and multiple upgrade paths) will be dealt with over the long term. Token items may not be done ever as it is not a simple issue and is out of scope.

Programmed by Salvatore Lopiparo and Project Managed by Ami Yuy.

Thanks to Torhal, Semlar, sezz, and Ketho for all of their help!

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