WeakAuras 2: Exports for Hunters – Legion

BATTLE FOR AZEROTH UPDATE 2018/07/15 – See the Battle for Azeroth and 8.0 version: WeakAuras 2: Exports for Hunters – Battle for Azeroth and Patch 8.0

WeakAuras for hunters updated for patch 7.3!

  • They will only load on hunters and in the appropriate specs.
  • These auras are localized and will work for all languages!
  • Extra media used through SharedMedia:
    • Font: Tw Cent MT Bold (Added via MyMedia, Read “INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt”)
    • Bar texture: BantoBar


2017/10/22 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.23 – Live 7.3.0
BIG overhaul of the Marksman auras.
Marksman Abilities

  • Marked Shot – Will now show up whenever it’s available, even if Vulnerable is on the target.
  • Marked Shot – Will not glow if Windburst is available.
  • Marked Shot – Will glow if Vulnerable is not on the target or only has 1.5 seconds left.
  • Windburst – Now glows whenever it is available. Better to cast it sooner than wait for Vulnerable to fall off.
  • Piercing Shot – Will now show up whenever it’s available, even if Vulnerable is not on the target.

Focus Use

  • Aimed Shot Vulnerable glow changed to disappear at 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds.
  • Arcane Shot will now show up and glow if you have less than 49 Focus. Also now glows below 70 focus and when Vulnerable is not on the target.
  • Added Marking Targets Ready beside Arcane shot to show when you have the Marking Targets buff and Windburst is on cooldown.
  • Added timer sweep to Lock and Load.

Active Buffs

  • Moved Vulnerable to top of the list and have it stay visible at all times. Now is desaturated and glowing when it’s not up.


  • Added a faded out Mend Pet icon that shows if your pet has less than 80% health and Mend Pet is not active.

2017/10/10 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.23 – Live 7.3.0
Marksman Abilities

  • Changed Marked Shot to glow on 70+ focus and Vulnerable can be refreshed. Will only show when you cannot cast another Aimed Shot inside that Vulnerable. Removed Patient Sniper glow.
  • Changed Windburst to glow if Vulnerable is not on the target or you cannot cast another Aimed Shot inside the current Vulnerable.
  • Changed Sidewinders to glow at 2 stacks and at 1 stack when you cannot cast another Aimed Shot inside that Vulnerable, you have a Marking Targets proc, and you have more than 47 focus.

Survival Abilities

  • Fury of the Eagle now glows at 6 stacks instead of 5.
  • Lacerate now glows when it is not on the target or is falling off in 3 seconds.
  • Added Aspect of the Eagle Glow – Glows when you have 0-1 stacks of Mongoose Bite remaining and Mongoose Fury has more than 2 seconds left.

Focus Use

  • Added Raptor Strike Maintain Serpent Sting – Raptor Strike glows when Serpent Sting is not on the target or is falling off in 3 seconds.
  • Changed Sidewinders to Never Load since it is not being used for Focus regen.
  • Added Arcane Shot Low Focus – Below 95 focus and Marked Shot is not available.
  • Added Arcane Shot Marking Targets Ready – Below 70 focus and glows when Marking Targets is active to activate Marked Shot.
  • Changed Aimed Shot and Vulnerable – Will glow when Vulnerable is on the target and you can cast Aimed Shot before Vulnerable falls off.
  • Removed Aimed Shot with Patient Sniper.

2017/09/06 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.21 – Live 7.3.0
Active Buffs

  • Removed talent restriction on MM T20 set bonuses. Was there by mistake.

2017/08/28 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.17 – Live 7.2.5
Active Buffs

  • Disabled BM Tier 20 4 pc and Roar of the Seven Lions from loading. Unnecessary clutter. You can re-enable them if you want.
  • Fixed description of Dire Beast aura to not say Sneaky Snakes.

2017/07/27 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.16 – LIVE 7.2.5
BM Abilites

  • Killer Cobra assistant – Added glows to recommend when to hit Dire Beast, Kill Command, and Cobra Shot (in Focus Use set) during Bestial Wrath when you have the Killer Cobra talent.

Focus Use

  • Added Parsel’s Tongue tracker next to Cobra Shot. It will glow when the buff is about to fall off. Most of the time your general rotation should keep the buff up, but this will help ensure that it doesn’t fall off.
  • Killer Cobra assistant – Added glows to recommend when to hit Dire Beast (in BM Abilities set), Kill Command (in BM Abilities set), and Cobra Shot during Bestial Wrath when you have the Killer Cobra talent.

2017/07/18 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.14 – Live 7.2.5
Active Buffs

  • Added a % display to Bestial Wrath to show your current damage increase. This works automatically with Beast Mastery’s Tier 20 2 piece set bonus.
  • Updated Butcher’s Bone Apron and War Belt of the Sentinel buff trackers to use Full Scan instead of custom code for their percentage text.

2017/06/19 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.3 – LIVE 7.2.5
BM Abilities

  • Added a check to see if you have the Bestial Wrath buff to keep you from accidentally clipping if it comes available before your current one ends.
  • Created separate aura for Titan’s Thunder’s glow. Should behave more reasonably now and show up whenever you summon a Dire Beast. It also has a sweep to show when the 2 second window will end.

2017/06/12 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.2-29-g6045607 – PTR 7.2.5


  • Localized ALL auras. Can be used on any language client now!
  • Added in-game descriptions to the WeakAura groups so you can see the last updated date when glancing at it.
  • Added in-game descriptions to individual WeakAuras to match the descriptions here.

Active Buffs

  • Added Roar of the Seven Lions.
  • Added Sneaky Snakes.
  • Added second Titan’s Thunder buff that pet gets when you have the Dire Frenzy talent.
  • Added Aspect of the Chameleon.
  • Added Aspect of the Skylord.
  • Added Lock and Load.
  • Added The Mantle of Command.
  • Added Unseen Predator’s Cloak.
  • Added Celerity of the Windrunners.
  • Added Parsel’s Tongue.
  • Added Tier 20 Beast Mastery 4 piece buff.
  • Added Tier 20 Marksmanship 2 piece buff.
  • Added Tier 20 Marksmanship 4 piece buff.
  • Added a trigger to A Murder of Crows so that it will disappear if your target does not have the debuff.
  • Limited Misdirection to MM and BM only.
  • Fixed Dire Beast counter to not include Sneaky Snakes and to now count correctly if you have the Way of the Cobra talent.
  • Removed Item Equipped trigger from Titan’s Thunder and Fury of the Eagle.
  • Removed SV-Artifact-Fury of the Eagle Channel Active, it wasn’t useful and couldn’t be easily localized.

BM Abilities

  • Removed HasPet condition from Dire Beast.
  • Removed The Mantle of Command triggers from Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy auras due to the charges going baseline.

Focus Use

  • Removed Cobra Shot with Dire Frenzy as Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy now work the same in regards to Focus.

2017/05/02 – WeakAuras2 Version 2.4.1-5-gc3aa41d – Live 7.2

New Video, new images, added GIFs.

BM Abilities

  • Cut number of auras in half by using the new Conditions feature.
  • Renamed auras to just Spec-Spell Name.
  • Changed Bestial Wrath’s cooldown timer to show up at 6 seconds to help prevent premature casting of Dire Frenzy or Dire Beast.
  • Changed Aspect of the Wild’s, Titan’s Thunder, and Stampede’s cooldown timers to show up at 6 seconds for better planning.
  • Increased size of progress timer text from 14 to 24.
  • Dire Frenzy and Dire Beast now glow if you have The Mantle of Command equipped and 2 stacks available.
  • Dire Frenzy and Dire Beast stack count is now hidden if you do not have The Mantle of Command equipped.
  • Titan’s Thunder will glow if Dire Beast is active and has more than 6 seconds left.
  • If you have The Mantle of Command, Dire Frenzy has a progress bar behind it to help you maintain 3 stacks for as long as possible.

MM Abilities

  • Cut number of auras in half by using the new Conditions feature.
  • Renamed auras to just Spec-Spell Name.
  • Changed Windburst (without Patient Sniper), Trueshot, and Sentinel’s cooldown timers to show up at 6 seconds for better planning.
  • Increased size of progress timer text from 14 to 24.
  • Sidewinders aura Glows when Marking Targets is active.
  • Piercing Shot only shows when Vulnerable is up and Glows when at 100 or more Focus.
  • Marked Shot now shows sweep of the target’s Hunter’s Mark duration.
  • If you have the Patient Sniper talent, Marked Shot and Windburst will glow when Vulnerable is not up or only has 1.5 seconds left.

SV Abilities

  • Cut number of auras in half by using the new Conditions feature.
  • Combined Mongoose Bite set into default abilities set. No more need for 6 auras with Conditions! Only 2 now, the icon and the progress bar.
  • Renamed auras to just Spec-Spell Name.
  • Changed Fury of the Eagle, Aspect of the Eagle, Snake Hunter, and Spitting Cobra cooldown timers to show up at 6 seconds for better planning.
  • Increased size of progress timer text from 14 to 24.
  • Mongoose Bite now glows at 3 stacks.
  • Mongoose Fury progress bar now shows stacks and time.
  • Made spacing better to be more circular again, less triangular.
  • Moved Spitting Cobra, Dragonsfire Grenade, Throwing Axes, Lacerate, and Flanking Strike.
  • Added Caltrops/Steel Trap below Flanking Strike and above Dragonsfire Grenade.
  • Added Butchery.

SV Abilities-Mongoose: Removed, combined into SV Abilities.

Focus Use

  • Combined Sidewinders auras using Conditions.
  • Added Arcane Shot aura that glows when Marking Targets is active.
  • Changed Aimed Shot Focus Dump from 50 to 95 focus.
  • Changed Arcane Shot Low Focus from 50 to 80 focus.
  • There are now two Aimed Shot + Vulnerable auras. One for each of the two current rotations (Meme and Trick Shot).
  • Added Way of the Mok’Nathal tracker that glows when the buff is about to fall off.

Active Buffs

  • Rearranged buffs to be more with others of their spec.
  • Cleaned up names to be more consistent.
  • Added Trueshot.
  • Added Rapid Killing.
  • Added On the Trail.
  • Added Bullseye.
  • Added Wingclip.
  • Added Caltrops.
  • Added Steel Trap.
  • Added buffs/debuffs from hunter legendaries: The Shadow Hunter’s Voodoo Mask, War Belt of the Sentinel Army, MKII Gyroscopic Stabalizer, Butcher’s Bone Apron, and Helbrine, Rope of the Mist Marauder.

2017/02/20 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.1.5

  • SV Abilities: Fixed export string.
  • SV Abilities-Mongoose: Fixed export string.

2017/02/13 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.1.5

  • Quality of life updates for 7.1.5 Beast Mastery.
  • Active Buffs: BM – Added Dire Frenzy.
  • Active Buffs: BM – Added counter to Dire Beast to track how many Dire Beasts are active. (Using code from Krazyito.)
  • Active Buffs: BM – Combined auras that had 2 auras for stacks and progress into one each (Mok’Nathal Tactics, True Aim, Mongoose Fury).
  • BM Abilities: Added charge count to Dire Beast and Dire Frenzy. This will show 1 for almost everyone, but if you have The Mantle of Command legendary it will be more useful.
  • Focus Use: Added a new Cobra Shot recommendation for when you have Dire Frenzy. Recommends using Cobra Shot if you are at or below 60 Focus.

2017/01/09 – WeakAuras2 Version – PTR 7.1.5

  • Active Buffs: BM/SV – Added Aspect of the Beast buffs/debuffs.
  • Active Buffs: SV – Removed obsolete Animal Instinct buffs.
  • Active Buffs: MM – Added Hunter’s Mark on target.
  • Warnings: Cleaned up triggers on No Pet/Pet Dead auras.
  • All: Cleaned up triggers to remove unnecessary status conditions (Vehicle, Alive).
  • All: Removed unnecessary triggers.
  • All: Re-exported.

2016/10/14 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Active Buffs: Moved Volley to the top of the list so it stays in the same location when it is active.
  • Active Buffs: Added Mongoose Fury Stacks
  • Active Buffs: Removed swipe from Mongoose Fury Progress

2016/10/01 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Active Buffs: Added Volley
  • Added weakauras.online links.
  • Changed embeds to wago.io.

2016/08/08 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Focus Use: Actually removed several duplicate Sidewinders auras
  • Active Buffs: Added SV Artifact ability
  • Active Buffs: Added BM Artifact ability
  • Re-exported all aura sets.

2016/07/26 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Focus Use: Removed several Sidewinders auras
  • Abilities MM: Added Sidewinders
  • Abilities MM: Moved Piercing Shot and Barrage/A Murder of Crows
  • Abilities SV-Mongoose: Desaturated 1 & 2

2016/07/25 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Updated all images
  • Active Buffs: Removed Source Name from Stampede
  • Focus Use: Removed Chimaera Shot
  • Focus Use: Removed Spitting Cobra
  • Focus Use: Changed Cobra Shot to be Greater than or Equal to 90 focus
  • Abilities BM: Moved Barrage/Murder of Crows
  • Abilities BM: Moved Stampede
  • Abilities BM: Moved Aspect of the Wild
  • Abilities BM: Moved Bestial Wrath
  • Abilities BM: Added Chimaera Shot
  • Abilities BM: Rearranged all auras to be circular/symmetrical
  • Abilities MM: Flipped Piercing Shot and Barrage/A Murder of Crows positions
  • Abilities SV: Removed Sticky Bomb
  • Abilities SV: Removed Mongoose Bite Almost
  • Abilities SV: Rearranged all auras to be more circular/symmetrical
  • Abilities SV: Added Spitting Cobra
  • Abilities SV: Split Mongoose auras into their own group
  • Abilities SV-Mongoose: Created

2016/07/24 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Active Buffs: Added MM-Trick Shot Talent
  • Active Buffs: Fix MM-True Aim load to correct talent and rename to 30.
  • Active Buffs: Moved MM-Steady Focus higher in priority
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Aimed Shot Target Vulnerable Ready
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Sidewinders Low Focus Almost
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Sidewinders + Marking Targets Buff Almost
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Sidewinders + Marking Targets Buff
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Sidewinders 2 Charges Almost
  • Focus Use: Added MM-Sidewinders 2 Charges
  • Abilities SV: Added Mongoose Fury Progress Bar
  • Abilities SV: Added Mongoose Fury Progress Bar Almost
  • Abilities SV: Added Mongoose Bite Almost
  • Abilities SV: Added Mongoose Bite Recharge
  • Abilities SV: Changed saturation and opacity of Mongoose Bite 1 and 2.
  • Warnings: Changed Counter Shot Interrupt to BM/MM only.
  • Warnings: Added Muzzle Interrupt for Survival.

2016/07/23 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Abilities SV: Added Explosive Trap.
  • Active Buffs: Added Explosive Trap.
  • Active Buffs: Added “Own Only” to Triggers for Lacerate, Serpent Sting, Dragonsfire Grenade, and Sticky Bomb.

2016/07/20 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Active Buffs: Re-exported.

2016/07/20 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live 7.0.3

  • Active Buffs: Updated multiple talents to correct labels and loading criteria.
  • Active Buffs: Removed MM-Heightened Vulnerability aura.
  • Active Buffs: Removed Source Name from all A Murder of Crows auras.
  • Focus Use: Lock & Load-Renamed to level 30 and updated loading criteria.
  • Abilities BM: Desaturated A Murder of Crows Almost.
  • Abilities MM: Explosive Shot-Renamed to level 60 and updated loading criteria. Move to share location with Sentinel.
  • Abilities MM: Heightened Vulnerability-Renamed to Sentinel and updated loading criteria.
  • Abilities MM: Head Shot-Renamed to Piercing Shot.
  • Abilities SV: A Murder of Crows-Renamed to level 30 and updated loading criteria. Moved location.
  • Abilities SV: Snake Hunter-Renamed to level 30 and updated loading criteria. Moved location.
  • Abilities SV: Dragonsfire Grenade-Renamed to level 90 and updated loading criteria. Moved location.
  • Abilities SV: Added Sticky Bomb.

2016/05/15 – WeakAuras2 Version 7.0 – Beta

  • Initial Survival export.
  • Focus Use: MM-Sidewinders aura was missing Power Type checkbox.
  • Focus Use: Added “Talent##” label to aura names.
  • Active Buffs: Added Talent levels to aura names.

2016/05/14 – WeakAuras2 Version 7.0 – Beta

  • All: Re-exported all sets for 7.0 version of WeakAuras.
  • All except Active Buffs: Increased font sizes slightly.
  • Abilities MM: Marked Shot Almost aura removed. Does not have a cooldown, but relies on other shots to be used.
  • Abilities BM & MM: Volley auras removed. Cooldown is shorter than how long it lasts, it would almost always be on the screen (if you had enough Focus).
  • Abilities BM: Dire Beast Focus trigger removed. Aura will now show if ready at any Focus level.
  • Abilities BM: Dire Beast trigger “Having Pet (Alive)” checked in Conditions trigger.
  • Abilities BM: Dire Beast aura set to load only if you don’t have Dire Frenzy talent.
  • Abilities BM: Dire Frenzy auras added.
  • Focus Use: Rearranged shot triggers on Chimaera Shot, Sidewinders, and Cobra Shot to prioritize spell name over Power type. Putting Spell triggers first allows using the text to show stacks and other spell related text.

2016/05/14 – WeakAuras2 Version – Beta

  • Abilities BM: Dire Beast set to show at 80% Focus or less.
  • Abilities MM: Removed Focus-based Trigger and “Having Pet” Condition from many abilites (mistakenly added).
  • Abilities MM: Bursting Shot removed.
  • Abilities MM: Heightened Vulnerability moved.
  • Active Buffs: MM-True Aim split stacks and progress into two different auras.
  • Active Buffs: MM-Added Vulnerable tracker.
  • Focus Use: MM-Sidewinders stacks displayed.
  • Focus Use: MM-Sidewinders set to show at 35 Focus or less.
  • Focus Use: MM-Arcane Shot set to show at 50 Focus or less.
  • Focus Use: MM-Arcane Shot set to show at 50 focus or more.

2016/05/12 – WeakAuras2 Version – Beta

  • Created post with initial Beast Mastery and Marksman exports.  Survival in progress.

How To


Beast Mastery Abilities

At Github.

See Focus Use for  Cobra Shot auras.

Marksman Abilities

At Github.

See Focus Use for Arcane ShotAimed Shot, and Lock and Load auras.

Survival Abilities

At Github.

See Focus Use for Raptor Strike, Way of the Mok’Nathal, and Serpent Sting tracking.

Focus Use

At Github.

Marksmen – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND also using the Vulnerable tracker by Asakawa.


At Github.

  • Heal Pet – Flashes when pet is under 80% health and Mend Pet is not active.
  • Pet Dead (Beast Mastery/Survival) – Plays Wilhelm Scream if pet dies.
  • Pet Dead (Marksman) – Plays Wilhelm Scream if pet dies.  Disabled if you have Lone Wolf talent.
  • No Pet (Beast Mastery/Survival)
  • No Pet (Marksman) – Disabled if you have the Lone Wolf talent.
  • Counter Shot (Beast Mastery/Marksman) – Usable to interrupt and the target is casting an interruptable spell.
  • Muzzle (Survival) – Usable to interrupt and the target is casting an interruptable spell.

Active Buffs

At Github.

These are tracking auras for procs that give you buffs or timers for abilities that you activate.

They are shifted to the right because they pair up with WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers – Legion.

Other WeakAuras


  1. Alex Herrera Saphier

    HUNTER-SV-ABILITIES-AMIYUY not work, bad edit, pls fix ty, glhf

  2. Thanks for the update.

  3. I would like to thank you for the Hunter Weak Auras set up. I have actually dropped all my other Add-ons in favor of it.

    However I just hit a problem on the upgrade to 7,1, and I was wondering if you or anyone else had experienced it.

    If I select any mount, the the Icons for In Battle will not appear. Timers and countdowns, even focus will show, but not the icons.

    I have disabled all my few other add-ons (Recount, DBM) I do not use Elvui. The problem remains.

    /reload and /console reloadui – have no effect.

    I have to log out completely and back in to restore the icon actions back to normal.

  4. Thanks for all this, I been trying to figure out WA all last week till i said lets google some premade ones :D. I like the idea you have for the mongoose bite but would like to see how many stacks of fury are up if possible. Most of the time is not an issue for pve but for pvp its different. Problem is if I hit a rogue or anything with an evasion mechanic I will not get a stack. So sometimes I think i have 6 stacks but only have 1 or 2.

    • Hi ultrachingon,

      There’s a couple of pretty easy ways to track this.

      1. Tracking buffs you have are some of the easiest auras to make if you want to make your own.
      * Trigger tab > Type: Aura > Aura Name: Mongoose Fury > Unit: Player > Aura Type: Buff
      * Display tab > Text: %s > Customize style

      2. If you’re using the Active Buffs set I just updated it to include both a Progress timer and a Stack timer (1 aura that shows seconds left, 1 that shows stacks). You’ll want to right click on the set in your WeakAuras and choose “Delete children and group” and import the new version.

      Here are those two pulled out if you want them individually:

      Mongoose Fury Progress timer

      Mongoose Fury Stacks


  5. Oh nevermind I just relogged and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much for these <3

  6. Hi, these are great and exactly what I was looking for :) However I only imported the MM ones and they don’t seem to be showing me the “almost” ones, just the ready ones. Any idea what’s causing this? Help would be appreciated, thank you :)

  7. Christoffer Whitworth

    Would be nice to track if volley is active or not now that it’s viable ;)

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

      Added Volley to the Active Buffs. You’ll want to delete the version you have and import a new copy.

  8. Thank you so much for these! Used to main Warlock and had all my WA’s for my lock. Didn’t know where to start with WA’s for my main for Legion (MM Hunter). This really helped me loads, thank you.

  9. Hey Adele i love your weak aura!
    just one question / request
    can you make a focus bare that shows when you have enough focus for fx Cobra shot and kill commad, multishot, murder of crows / barrage
    much love <3

    • Hi Tvat,

      By default the ability icons will not display if you do not have enough focus to use them. For example, if Kill Command was ready but I had less than 30 focus, the Kill Command icon would not display. I’m not sure what you mean by a focus bar for them.

  10. So I wasn’t sure if this was intentional in the aura but when I use the BM string it flashes on my screen during combat, can’t tell if it is trying to flash with my GCD timer but it seems rather unpredictable. Is there a way to make it stationary in combat? I really enjoyed using this in the Beta so I am sure the flashing is unintentional. Thanks.

    • I’m sorry it’s doing this Lanfear, but I’ve not seen this happen for me at all despite playing only BM since release. I’d need more information to try and figure out what was going on, but I’m sure you’ve probably either fixed it or moved on to a different aura set by now. Sorry for the late reply.

  11. Thanks Adele, looking very smart. Very helpful string.

  12. can the beast cleave tracker be a loading bar instead of a countdown icon?

    • Sure, you can convert it yourself.

      1. Open WeakAuras (/wa)
      2. Find and expand “Hunter-Active Buffs-amiyuy.com”
      3. Find “BM-Beast Cleave Active”
      4. Right click on it and choose “Convert to > Progress Bar”
      5. In the Display tab scroll down to Width and Height and adjust to your preference.

      You can also extract it from the Active Buffs group if you want by clicking the left facing arrow on the left side of the icon. Doing this will let you move it around independent of the other auras.

  13. Do you got a weakauras focus bar for patch 7.x

  14. Merci beaucoup

  15. Why no chimaera shot in the BM set? Noticed it’s in the focus bar…

    • Left over from how it used to be in the beta, sorry about that! Moved to the main abilities and rearranged everything. Gave BM a thorough look over again so it should be up-to-date.

  16. Hey there, you are awesome for sharing this.

    According to icy-veins, I am to use Sidewinders when I get a Marking Targets proc, or when it reaches 2 charges. Is it possible to include some kind of indicator for this in the strings?

    • Thank you Jonaleth!

      Added more Sidewinders trackers, improved the Mongoose Bite trackers, and did some other clean up. I would delete and re-import everything except for the BM abilities!

  17. Nice job!

    Any chance of adding explosive trap to your survival abilities?

    • Added, sorry for leaving it out, I didn’t realize it was so central when I made them! Survival has so many abilities…

  18. Hi, really good work. Thank you. But i have trouble with the Active Buffs. They arent showing up. In WeakAuras it is saying that they are loaded for my class. But when i test it it never shows up. Do you have an idea?

    • I just re-pasted the Active Buffs group. Delete the old version and import this new version and let me know if it works now. Thanks!

      • Hi, thank you for your quick reply :) No, sorry, it still isnt loading :(

        • Maybe the String is too long?

          • Do you have the most recent version of WeakAuras?

            Have you messed with the “Load” tab at all? Try unchecking things like In Combat or player class, etc. to see if you can get it to work.

          • Hi again.

            I did the following now.

            1. I uninstalled WeakAuras2
            2. I installed the latest Version (
            3. I imported Active Buffs only
            4. I went to a training puppet for a test -> No active buff is showing up
            5. I switched to other speccs (was bm, tested mm and sv) -> also no active buffs

            After that i tried to figure out whats wrong. But the auras seemed to be ok. Some minor irritations though. For example BM-Bestial Wrath Active and BM-Aspect of the Wild Active both have the same icon (bestial wrath) The loading conditions are also correct for the spells. So i have no idea why the active buffs arent working.

          • OH!!!!! Found the problem! The active buffs arent working with spell id’s they are working with the english spell name. That’s why it isnt working on clients with different language! Ok, ill change them :)

          • Ahh! Yes they are. The problem is that I can’t use spell IDs for “Aura” triggers or else I have to enable “Full Scan”.

  19. Much appreciated! This is exactly what I was hoping to find, awesome job!

  20. Amazing job, adapted your survival ones to my liking for my new legion main. Appreciate your hard work.

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