Zandalar Reputation Spreadsheet

This post is backdated to the date of the original post. It was imported to this blog on May 20, 2014.

Old world reputations confused me so much, so I had to sit down and write this up for myself to figure out what I needed to do. After putting so much work into the research, I figured I’d share. I also made sure to confirm all of the reputation currently given by quests and updated WoWHead comments- WoWWiki info is out-dated for several portions.

Publicly viewable and usable online spreadsheet.

– Columns with light blue backgrounds are the ones for you to fill in.
– Cells with red-colored upper right corners have comments that will show up if you hover over them.
– If you want to save a version for yourself use the Export button on the upper right hand side.

If something doesn’t work or is confusing please let me know!

Change log:
– 07/14/09
Corrected “A Bijou for Zanza” Token rep.
Added note to “A Bijou for Zanza” Token rep.
Added note to Human reputation calculation.
Added credits.
Added update date.

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