Ami Yuy’s WeakAuras Wiki

WeakAuras is a Buff & Debuffs addon for World of Warcraft. Its main strength is displaying information related to events, buffs, or debuffs related to a character or NPC. These information displays are called “auras” and are visual and/or audio indicators of something happening in the game world.

Flexibility is WeakAuras’ best feature. Most anything can be tracked through auras and they can be customized by choosing the type of aura, icon, color, animation, sound, etc.

Almost everything can be done using the interface options, while a few more advanced things might require a bit of custom code to be added. Having a basic understanding of the aura types and how the interface works will enable you to create or edit most auras easily.

It also allows you to easily import the settings of another player. This means that while you might not want to create auras yourself, there is a high probability that someone else has created the aura you want and has shared it online. Your guild mates or friends can even share their auras with you in-game by shift-clicking on the aura name to paste it into chat. For detailed instructions, read the Importing article.


  • Informing you when an ability is ready for use.
  • Informing you when you can interrupt a spell your target is casting.
  • Tracking the duration of a damage over time spell on your target.
  • Tracking how much longer is left on the cooldown of a spell.
  • Tracking how much longer is left on your trinket proc’s up time.
  • Tracking boss fight information.
  • Warning you when your pet despawns or dies.
  • Warning you when you are not in a stance, using a mage armor, are missing a buff, etc.

Example Video

In this video the auras are the icons in the middle of the screen which appear and disappear.

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