Brood of Nozdormu Reputation Spreadsheet

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Publicly viewable and usable online spreadsheet.

– Columns with light blue backgrounds are the ones for you to fill in.
– Cells with red-colored upper right corners have comments that will show up if you hover over them.
– If you want to save a version for yourself use the Export button on the upper right hand side.

– This is a Work-In-Progress.
– The first sheet (“Brood of Nozdormu”) should be all correct unless otherwise noted.
– I have not completed my Brood reputation or the Scepter line (only at the first BWL portion), so there will be updates over time to the reputation gains from things. If you are working on the Scepter line and could confirm the rep amounts and let me know that would be great!

If something doesn’t work or is confusing please let me know!

Change Log:
July, 22, 2009 –
– Confirmed many of the Scepter Questline’s reputation gains via my own questing and friends.
– Added an item checklist for the Scepter Questline.

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