WeakAuras 2: Exports for Hunters patch 6.0


LEGION UPDATE 2016/05/13 – See the Legion and 7.0 version: WeakAuras 2: Exports for Hunters – Legion & 7.0

Here are my updated auras for hunters for patch 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, and Warlords of Draenor.

  • Each set includes auras for Beast Mastery, Marksman, and Survival and most hunter talents including level 100.
  • They will only load on hunters and in the appropriate specs.
  • They are all disabled while in vehicles.
  • Extra media used through SharedMedia:
    • Font: Tw Cent MT Bold (Added via MyMedia, Read “INSTRUCTIONS for MyMedia.txt”)
    • Bar texture: BantoBar

10/23/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • All: Updated strings for current version of WeakAuras. No changes have been made.

01/30/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Warnings: Removed Lone Wolf buff aura. Needs further testings with groups.

01/27/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Active Buffs: Corrected Murder of Crows length from 30 to 15 seconds.
  • Warnings: Added “Not Having Pet (Alive)” to Trigger 2 Status > Conditions for “Pet Dead” aura.
  • Warnings: New/re-worked “No Pet” aura.
  • Warnings: Created aura for when no Lone Wolf group buff is active.
  • Changed all non-Aura triggers to use spell ID to hopefully provide more cross-language compatibility: Warnings-Counter Shot, Focus Use-Dire Beast, Talents 90-All, Talents 75-All, Abilities-Kill Shot, Bestial Wrath, Kill Command, Rapid Fire, Chimaera Shot, Black Arrow, Explosive Shot

01/17/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

01/11/2015 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Updated Black Arrow Almost aura to properly display at only 1.5 seconds remaining. Cleaned it up by deleting an old Global Cooldown trigger and setting the “Required for Activation” to “All Triggers”.

12/29/2014 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Added an aura to the Active Buffs for Beast Cleave for better tracking of Beast Mastery AoE damage.

12/19/2014 – WeakAuras2 Version – Live Realm

  • Nailed down bug with Marksmanship Kill Shot aura, related to WeakAuras issue ID 148. Created two new auras specifically for Marksmanship Kill Shot and renamed the old combined Beast Mastery/Marksmanship Auras to BM and disabled them for Marksmanship. The new Marksmanship auras use a different Spell ID than the Beast Mastery auras in order to correctly track the cooldown. Marksmanship uses Spell ID 157708 and Beast Mastery uses Spell ID 53351. The Hunter-Abilities group string has been updated accordingly and will need to be re-imported.
  • Added an aura to the Active Buffs for Sniper Training: Recently Moved to help track when you will get the buff back.

10/08/2014 – WeakAuras2 Version r93 – Beta Realm

  • Created post with initial exports.

How To



At Github.

  • Misdirection
  • Kill Shot (Beast Mastery: Spell ID 53351)
  • Kill Shot (Marksman: Spell ID 157708)
  • Bestial Wrath (Beast Mastery)
  • Kill Command (Beast Mastery)
  • Focus Fire (Beast Mastery)
  • Rapid Fire (Marksman)
  • Chimera Shot (Marksman)
  • Black Arrow (Survival)
  • Explosive Shot (Survival)
  • Lock and Load (Survival)

Abilities – Talents – Level 75

At Github.

  • Stampede
  • A Murder of Crows

Abilities – Talents – Level 90

At Github.

  • Barrage
  • Glaive Toss
  • Powershot

Active Buffs

2014_10-Hunter_Active Buffs
At Github.

These are tracking auras for procs that give you buffs or timers for abilities that you activate.
They are shifted to the right because they pair up with WeakAuras 2: Exports for All Classes and Engineers.

  • Steady Focus (Talent)
  • Bombardment (Marksman)
  • Rapid Fire (Marksman)
  • Sniper Training (Marksman)
  • Sniper Training: Recently Moved (Marksman)
  • Survivalist (Survival)
  • Bestial Wrath (Beast Mastery)
  • Focus Fire (Beast Mastery)
  • Mend Pet
  • Beast Cleave (Beast Mastery)
  • Stampede (Talent)
  • A Murder of Crows (Talent)
  • Cobra Strikes (Beast Mastery)
  • Posthaste (Talent)

Focus Use

2014_10-Hunter_Focus Use
At Github.

  • Arcane Shot (Beast Mastery/Survival)
  • Aimed Shot (Marksman)
  • Focusing Shot (Talent)
  • Cobra Shot (Beast Mastery/Survival)
  • Steady Shot (Marksman)
  • Focus bar
  • Thrill of the Hunt (Talent)
  • Dire Beast (Talent)


At Github.

  • Pet Dead (Uses the Wilhelm Scream audio effect. If you want to disable it, go to the “Actions” tab and uncheck “Play Sound”.) – This is disabled if you have the Lone Wolf talent
  • No Pet – This is disabled if you have the Lone Wolf talent
  • Exotic Munitions not up (Talent)
  • Counter Shot usable to interrupt and the target is casting an interruptable spell

Other WeakAuras


  1. Dear Adele. I just started using WeakAuras and I find these very helpful. However, with 6.1 BM hunters want to use focus fire a bit more if we’re into minmaxing, and I found http://pastebin.com/cLmVguEF these focus fire helpers, but they don’t integrate all that well together with yours.
    I had a question, if you think it possible to have them work together.

    I’m extremely new to WA and had been using JS Hunter Bars until I found your hunter exports, so any and all pointers on how best to increase my performance with your tools, I’d be extremely grateful.

    ps. Thanks for all of your hard work, you’re a saint.

    • Hi Sab,

      Those are great auras and I’ll probably start using them myself for Focus Fire!

      Here’s a quick edit of them to make them match up with my aura set: http://pastebin.com/K8mbVMc7

      I adjusted:
      Display tab
      * Font size (12)
      * Zoom (29%)
      * Width and Height (50)
      * Anchor (X = -89, Y = 89)

      Load tab
      * In Combat
      * Player Class (Hunter)
      * Talent Specialization (Beast Mastery)

      Animations tab
      * Main (None)

      To disable the default Focus Fire aura that is included in my set:
      Expand “Hunter-Abilities”
      Select “BM-Focus Fire Ready” aura
      Open the “Load” tab
      Check “Never”

      Please let me know if you have any issues or other questions! I’m always glad to help and I’m glad you enjoy my auras!

      Edit 3/16: I just realized it wasn’t in the quite right position, sorry! Fixed the paste.

  2. Hey again!
    So im trying out survival. But im having a little problem with the Black arrow cd. Sometimes it show grey out and timer on 0.0 even thou its ready. And it always is counting down 24 sec even thou its set to show at 3 sec.

    If you need more just write so i can test and tell

    • Hi Krullka,

      Thanks for letting me know! It looks like that one was a bit messy with old testing stuff on accident, and had an old trigger (Global Cooldown) and was set to “Any Triggers”. I’ve cleaned it up by deleting the Global Cooldown trigger and setting the “Required for Activation” to “All Triggers”.

      You can delete the old “Hunter-Abilities” group (Right Click + Delete children and group) and re-import the new version.

      Thank you again for reporting the problem, sorry it took me a bit to get it fixed. :)

  3. hey, really great weakaura setup, i love it. But i have 1 problem. My killshot cd never shows, when mobs are under 35% the killshot ready icon shows all the time,
    I play a MM hunter btw

    • Hi Krullka,

      Thank you for your detailed explanation, I think I was able to find the cause, and it does have to do with your being MM. Apparently because of Enhanced Kill Shot, WeakAuras needs to use the Spell ID for the modified Kill Shot. I have separated the Kill Shot auras into four separate ones for BM and MM now, so you can delete the old “Hunter-Abilities” group (Right Click + Delete children and group) and re-import the new version.

      Let me know if you have any other questions or issues! Thank you for the explanation which helped me nail down the issue!

  4. Nice imported one of your strings and tried to remove some and it didnt work. and now al my WA are gone. nice

    • I am very sorry that this happened to you, however it was most likely not caused by my import strings.

      However, you might be still able to recover your previous WeakAura strings by looking in your WTF folder for the “WeakAuras.lua.bak” file which you would need to rename “WeakAuras.lua” (move the other version elsewhere). It’s not guaranteed that this will work or be very recent, but it might help.

  5. I’m having a ton of trouble with my Kill Shot weak aura on MM (works find on BM). This looks really clean. I’m looking forward to giving it a try tonight. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Dario, there’s a hotfix note from yesterday saying “Kill Shot should now correctly reset its cooldown when it fails to kill the target due to Cauterize (Mage) or Guardian Spirit (Priest)” and there’s one from 12/3 that refers to issues with resetting with immunities. It sounds like there are issues with Kill Shot itself unfortunately.

      I hope you enjoy the auras, let me know if you have any questions!

    • Hi again Dario,

      Thanks to another commenter, I think I was able to fix the issue with the MM Kill Shot aura by creating two new ones just for MM. If you want to use the new one you can delete the old “Hunter-Abilities” group (Right Click + Delete children and group) and re-import the new version.

  6. Absolutely amazing, any chance it will be updated for 6.0.3

    • Hi Roman, they work just fine for 6.0.3 (I use them myself daily). It’s highly unlikely they will stop working anytime soon unless there are major changes to spells or to WeakAuras itself. :)

  7. This was just what I was looking for! Thanks a million.

  8. These are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was starting to worry about my hunter. Thank you so much!!

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