WoD Alpha: Interface & Maps as of June 20, 2014

New interface options and maps abound in the alpha. Here are videos and pictures for the ones I have found thus far.

New Interfaces


The Toybox is still under construction, but it seems to have a pretty straight-forward interface with some nice filters.

Banks & Bags

amiyuy_060514_221343 amiyuy_060514_221356 amiyuy_060514_221448 amiyuy_060514_221510 amiyuy_060514_221516

Bags finally have sorting and searching! Using a gear on the upper left of each bag you can assign each to one of five categories or choose “Ignore”. Then when you press the “Clean Up” button on the backpack, everything will sort. Items you receive will automatically sort into their assigned bag. You can also search your bags (and bank) using the little search bar on the top of the backpack next to the “Clean Up” button.

Bank improvements include the search as well as a whole new tab (the size of a guild bank tab) just for reagents! The Reagent Box holds crafting supplies and features a “Deposit All” button as well as a “Clean Up” button (that neon green square in the upper right in the video). Finally, my main can actually hold some of her crafting supplies herself!



Mounts now can be selected as Favorites. This will move them to the top of the list and make them eligible for use in the Summon Random Favorite Mount spell. This is a “smart” mounting spell and will choose a flying mount in areas where you can fly.

Information on where a mount can be obtained is also being added above where the model is displayed.

Dungeon/PvP/Challenge Tools

amiyuy_060714_195355 amiyuy_060714_195344 amiyuy_060714_195323

Not much has changed with the Dungeon LFG tool, except that it is finally attached to the PvP tool! Added to that is the Challenges tool which is a work in progress, but looks to have all the necessary information available including a button to view the Leaderboard.

Dungeon Journal

The video above goes through almost all available journal content as of June 13, 2014.

Keybinds Menu

A much needed overhaul has finally happened! Each different section of keybinds now has it’s own section in the interface, making binding much easier.


Building Interface

Garrison Building Interface Garrison Building Interface Garrison Building Interface Garrison Building Interface Garrison Building Interface

Pretty simple, you can see all of the possible buildings on the left side of the interface and build them by dragging the one of your choice to an empty plot on the map to the right. The stats and abilities of the building are displayed on the upper right. I am not sure exactly how to unlock them yet.

Followers and Missions

Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Missions Interface Garrison Followers Interface Garrison Report

This is where you assign followers to missions, get rewards from completed missions, and where you view all of your followers and their stats. It is still very much a work in progress and likes to break on me often.


New Map/Quest Log

amiyuy_060414_205807 amiyuy_060514_221151 amiyuy_060514_221222 amiyuy_060514_221146 amiyuy_061514_233325

A fancy new addition is the ability to have your map fade out when you run so that it does not obscure your vision!

Also, the quest log has now been almost fully integrated into the map. It is sleeker and interacts with where you are on the map, for example if you zoom out from the zone to the Draenor map the log will shrink the quests to show more quests from elsewhere.

Your progress through a zone storyline is now shown on the tooltip when you mouse over the zone header.

Bonus Objectives

Brown circle icons with swords crossed in them located on a map represents Bonus Objectives within a zone. Completing a bonus objective will net you extra experience and gold. The above video is Bonus Objective: Frostbite Hollow.


amiyuy_060514_221054 amiyuy_060514_221018 amiyuy_060414_210254 Draenor Map

Draenor does not quite yet have a place on the overall world map and has a placeholder blue square. Similarly there is a missing texture when mousing over Gorgrond.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines Dungeon


Frostfire Ridge

amiyuy_061014_202324 amiyuy_061514_224221 amiyuy_060514_221022 amiyuy_060714_200107 amiyuy_061014_194918

Fog of war was not originally enabled when the alpha started.

Other Zones

Shadowmoon Valley
amiyuy_060514_221035 amiyuy_061014_202312
This map gained some detail and changes between builds.

amiyuy_060514_221026 amiyuy_061014_202304
From terrain to art.

Tanaan Jungle

Spires of Arak


amiyuy_060514_221047 amiyuy_061014_202321
From what looks to be a terrain map of Outland’s Nagrand to a new terrain map.

Current Alpha Status

  • Alpha began: June 4, 2014
  • Current date: June 20, 2014
  • Faction: Horde
  • Zone: Frostfire Ridge
  • Level: 90-92
  • Dungeon: Bloodmaul Slag Mines (Normal)

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