Glory of the Legion Raider Achievement Guide

Glory of the Legion Raider
Complete the Legion raid achievements listed below.
 Buggy Fight
 Webbing Crashers
 Took the Red Eye Down
 Scare Bear
 Imagined Dragons World Tour
 Use the Force(s)
 Cage Rematch
 Grand Opening
 Gluten Free
 A Change In Scenery
 Fruit of All Evil
 Not For You
 Burning Bridges
 I’ve Got My Eyes On You
You will receive:
Defiled Reins

Information was summarized from Wowhead comments, guide videos, and my own experience.

Guide is also available on Wowhead.

The Emerald Nightmare

Buggy Fight – Nythendra

Defeat Nythendra in The Emerald Nightmare after squishing 15 Glow Bugs on Normal difficulty or higher.

Image source: Wowhead

Image source: Wowhead

  • 3-5 Glow Bugs spawn each Heart of the Swarm phase.
  • 5 total Heart of the Swarm phases.
  • Assign players to areas around the room to watch and click the Glow Bugs.
  • If someone Squishes one have them call it out (type 1 in raid chat).
  • Blizzard achievement tracking does not work.
  • WeakAura can be inaccurate because it counts casts of the Squish ability.


Webbing CrashersElerethe Renferal

Defeat Elerethe Renferal in The Emerald Nightmare after destroying all her Pulsing Egg Sacs during the encounter on Normal difficulty or higher.

  • Everyone tap the boss at least once so you will get credit.
  • If a Pulsing Egg Sac gets popped before the fight starts, pull and wipe to reset them.
  • 7 red pulsing/glowing eggs will spawn around the room.  Mark their locations.
    1. 4 of them are on small platforms below the bridges and 3 are only reachable with the Shimmering Feather buff from the transition phase or demon hunter Glide.
    2. 2 of them are on the bridges.
    3. 1 of them is behind the boss on the first platform.
  • Players who get the eggs on the lower platforms will be stuck there the rest of the fight.
  • If someone misses a platform you can wait and transition her again to get new Shimmering Feathers.
  • The achievement will turn from red to white when you can kill the boss.

Scare BearUrsoc

Defeat Ursoc in The Emerald Nightmare while keeping Tur Ragepaw alive on Normal difficulty or higher.

Image source: Wowhead

Image source: Wowhead

  1. Tur Ragepaw is behind the last trashpack before you enter Ursoc’s room.
  2. Click him and he will join you in Ursoc’s room.
  3. Tur Ragepaw will attack the boss from behind.
  4. Healers keep him alive while you fight Ursoc.
  5. If you wipe Tur Ragepaw can be respawned by exiting and resetting the instance.  You will have to do Ursoc’s trash again.


Took the Red Eye DownIl’gynoth

Defeat Il’gynoth in The Emerald Nightmare after inflicting 20 Nightmare Explosions on the Eye of Il’gynoth within 10 seconds on Normal difficulty or higher.

  1. Kill the tentacles and horrors to spawn Nightmare Ichors using single-target abilities.
  2. Kite the Nightmare Ichors using stuns, slows, Mass Entanglement, etc.
  3. After 20+ have spawned gather them under the Eye of Il’gynoth (Typhoon or Gorefiend’s Grasp help) and nuke all down within 10 seconds to cause the Nightmare Explosions to hit the eye.

Imagined Dragons World TourYsondre

Defeat Ysondre in The Emerald Nightmare while all members of the raid have Dream Essences from all four gateway locations on Normal difficulty or higher.

  1. There are 4 portals around the room with orbs inside that you need to run through to get a buff.
  2. Split your raid into 2 groups to get the buffs as efficiently as possible:
    • 3 tanks, extra healer or 2.
    • Group 1 = 1 tank, a couple healers and a few ranged DPS; Group 2 = Every one else.
    • Group 1 will stay out and tank the dragons together while the ranged kill add spawns and the healers keep everyone alive through the inevitable stuns.
    • Group 2 will mount up before the pull and run into all of the portals to get their buffs.
    • Once Group 2 has their buffs the Group 2 tanks will split the bosses and Group 1 will go get their buffs.
  3. Wait to kill the bosses until all players have the buffs.

Use the Force(s) – Cenarius

Defeat Cenarius without cleansing each of the following Forces of Nightmare in The Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty or higher.

Image source:

Image source:

  • Personal achievement.
  • From progression most players will have the everything except for the Wisps credited already.
  • Have the raid leave the corner you need credit for alone so that that section is not cleansed by Cenarius.
  • To make an area by cleansed by Cenarius, group most of your group at one of the locations.  This will cause him to cleanse that corner and you will get credit for 3 of the other corners.


I Attack the DarknessXavius

Defeat a Creature in the Dark during each of phase of the encounter with Xavius in The Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty or higher.

  • Demon Hunter required.
  • You must kill a Creature of Madness during all 3 phases:
    1. Phase 1 = 100-65%
    2. Phase 2 = 65-30%
    3. Phase 3 = 30-0%
  • Creature of Madness
    1. Need to use Spectral Sight to see them.
    2. They spawn around the outside of the room stealthed and patrol around.
    3. They do not spawn in the same place each time.
    4. They have to be body pulled, Throw Glaive will not work, so the Demon Hunter might need some movement speed increases.

The Nighthold

Cage RematchSkorpyron

Defeat Skorpyron in The Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher without any player leaving the center rings.

  • Stay inside the dark blue circle, if you go outside of the light grey one you fail.
  • Stand behind Crystalline Fragment so you do not get knocked back.
  • When Crystalline Fragment spawn they knock you back, so don’t be standing at the edge.
  • If someone dies their body will get knocked back by Shockwave and count as a fail.
  • Achievement takes a few second to activate at start of the fight.
  • Track the achievement to see if you fail.

Grand OpeningChronomatic Anomaly

Activate all the spotlights around the Nightwell and then defeat the Chronomatic Anomaly in The Nighthold, on Normal difficulty or higher.

  • Hotfix on May 22, 2017 changed the requirement to 8 spotlights (was 12).  It is possible now on Normal whereas it was not previously.
  • 8 spotlights must be activated.
  • Bring some extra healers.
  • Players with Time Bomb need to stand on blue circles on the floor.
  • When Time Bomb goes off it will activate a faint white beam (spotlight) from the blue circle on the floor.
  • The boss will not cast Time Bomb while channeling, so you have to do the normal mechanics (kill adds quickly) for all the  Time Bombs you need to spawn.

When we did it on Heroic and it required 12 spotlights

  • The last Time Bomb or two do not go out until around his enrage timer (~6:30).
  • We needed the last person with Time Bomb to die and the boss to also die very quickly thereafter.
  • We completed it because our Retribution paladin and Brewmaster monk survived his enrage and killed him.


  1. Light the spotlights in an orderly fashion around the room.  A person calling out what markers people with Time Bombs should go to is helpful.
  2. Take the boss’ health down low.
  3. When the last Time Bombs go out, stack on top of the person with bomb and stop healing so the bomb player dies from the orbs that drop as it will activate the spotlight.
  4. Kill the boss once they are all lit.

Gluten FreeTrilliax

Defeat Trilliax in The Nighthold while eating no more than 20 Toxic Slices on Normal Difficulty or higher.

A Change in ScenerySpellblade Aluriel

Engage and defeat Spellblade Aluriel in the following areas of The Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher. She must reach her destination within 120 seconds of entering combat and remain there until defeated: The Shal’dorei Terrace, The Shattered Walkway, Astromancer’s Rise

This can be completed in one week if you do lockout juggling (See comments: 1, 2). The second and third kills will not award loot.


  1. Position the majority of the raid at the destination.
  2. Have a tank and healer pull the boss to the destination within 2 minutes (120 seconds).
  3. Kill her there.


  • The Shal’dorei Terrace – High Botanists’s platform.
  • Astromancer’s Rise – Underneath Star Augur’s room where the trash miniboss Astrologer Jarin spawns.
  • The Shattered Walkway – Krosus’ bridge
    • You need the bridge space, so decide if killing Krosus before is worth it or not.
    • Do not stand on the edge or you will get knocked off into the water and die.

Elementalry!Star Augur Etraeus

Defeat Star Augur Etraeus in The Nighthold after having defeated a Well-Traveled Nether Elemental on Normal difficulty or higher.

  1. Clear all trash up to Star Augur.
  2. To the left of Star Augur’s hallway there is an unattackable Nether Elemental with trash around it.
  3. Clear the trash around it and then pull it with you to Star Augur’s room.
  4. Bring the elemental’s health down to around 30% before pulling Star Augur.
  5. The elemental’s name will change throughout the fight to Adventurous Nether Elemental and then Well-Traveled Nether Elemental when Star Augur hits 30%.
  6. When the name becomes Well-Traveled Nether Elemental, kill it and then kill the boss.
  • It will spawn purple swirlies under people that they need to move out of (Arcane Burst).
  • It will put Arcane Overcharge on people and they need to run out.
  • It can be rooted to be kept at the edge of the room or you can use 3 tanks and have one keep it out of the way.

Fruit of All EvilHigh Botanist Tel’arn

Defeat High Botanist Tel’arn in The Nighthold while all members of the raid are afflicted with Arcane Exposure on Normal Difficulty or higher.

Image source: Wowhead

Image source: Wowhead

  • Arcane Exposure is a debuff that will last until you die or you kill Botanist.
  • You get the debuff by eating fruit that spawns near the trash around Botanist’s room.
  • Clear enough trash that you have fruit available for everyone.
  • Do not eat fruit until everyone is ready to engage the boss.
  • No one can die during the fight.
  • If you wipe the fruit will respawn.

Arcane Exposure has some side effects

  • Puke and get stunned for 1 second.
  • Take damage and fly a couple of yards.
  • A hallucination with 1 health will spawn and hit you and put the entire raid in combat. Sometimes they will be invisible unless you use detection spells such as flare, demon hunter sight, etc. It also

Not For YouTichondrius

Defeat Tichondrius in The Nighthold without taking any damage from Echoes of the Void on Normal difficulty or higher.

  • Personal achievement.
  • Hide behind the pillars spawned when Echoes of the Void is cast.
  • Immunities do not work.

Burning BridgesKrosus

Defeat Krosus in The Nighthold after quenching 15 Burning Embers on Normal difficulty or higher.

  • Need extra healers.
  • Your tracked achievement will go from red to white when you can kill the boss.
  1. Do not soak Burning Pitch near the boss, only far away.
  2. Leave the Burning Embers up and heal through the damage. (No AoE!)
  3. When Krosus slams and breaks the bridge it will kill the Burning Embers by dropping them into the water (quenching them).
  4. Repeat until 15 have died.

InfintesimalGrand Magistrix Elisande

Get betrayed by and then defeat an Infinite Whelpling during the Grand Magistrix Elisande encounter, then defeat Grand Magistrix Elisande in The Nighthold, on Normal difficulty or higher.

  1. Drop one pink fast bubble from an Expedient Elemental slightly overlapping with a blue slow bubble from a Recursive Elemental.
  2. The person with the whelpling out needs to drag it into the overlapping area and have it stand there for a few seconds.
  3. The whelpling will turn into an Infinite Drakeling.
  4. Kill it.
  5. Kill the boss.

I’ve Got My Eyes on YouGul’dan

Defeat Gul’dan in The Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher, after defeating 16 Eyes of Gul’dan within 3 seconds.

  • Bring extra healers.
  • Spread out, but still be prepared to help with Bonds of Fel.
  • Do not take Gul’dan below 55% health or he will only spawn 1 Empowered Eye instead of 3 Eye of Gul’dan.
  • Possibly have DPS ignore Gul’dan until the achievement requirements are met to prevent getting either empowered ability.
  • Assign DPS to bring eyes low, but not kill them. (No DoTs!)
  • Eyes will duplicate with their current health.
  • Let them duplicate until you have 24 up, they do not all duplicate at the same time.
  • AoE.
  • Your tracked achievement will go from red to white when you can kill the boss.

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