Pre-Kara Paladin Healing Gear

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I went looking for plate healing gear when I was leveling up to 70, but couldn’t find a list, nor could my guildees share one, so here’s the list of what I found while leveling and with some searching.

The stats goal for pre-Kara is around 8000 mana and +1000 to +1200 healing. Mp5 is your friend. Don’t be afraid to downgrade armor type, but being in plate is better if you can (we shouldn’t die immediately like a priest XD).

This is all non-heroic gear. The Khorium Set isn’t really all that great in comparison to most of this. My armory for reference.

Mask of Penance (drop in Steamvaults):

Sethekk Oracle’s Focus (quest in from Sethekk Halls):
Natasha’s Guardian Cord (quest in Blade’s Edge):

Vestia’s Pauldrons of Inner Grace (chest drop in Mechanar):

Breastplate of Many Graces (drop in Shadow Labs):

Primal Surge Bracers (drop in Black Morass):

Fathomheart Gauntlets (drop in Steamvaults):

Girdle of Divine Blessing (BoE drop, should be able to find on the AH):

Starcaller’s Plated Legguards (quest reward in Netherstorm):

Golden Cenarion Greaves (quest reward in Hellfire Peninsula):

Ring of Convalescence/Ancestral Band (HH/Thrallmar Revered): /

(I can’t remember what other ring I had before the Violet Signet. It was a quest reward from Zangarmarsh I think.)

Lower City Prayerbook (Revered with LC): – you can get two, but I prefered one + a crit trinket

Vengeance of the Illidari (quest reward in Hellfire Peninsula):
Xi’ri’s Gift (Sha’tar Revered):

Scarab of the Infinite Cycle (Black Morass drop): – a great alternative

Lightsworn Hammer (drop in Shattered Halls):
Hammer of the Penitent (drop in Mechanar):
Essence Focuser (BoE drop, should be able to find on AH):

Crystal Pulse Shield (BoE drop, should be able to find on the AH):

Blessed Book of Nagrand (Nessingwary quests in Nagrand):
Libram of the Lightbringer (drop in Botanica):

Bought/Crafted Enchants:
Head: Glyph of Renewal (same name for Thrallmar and Honor Hold):

Aldor –
Inscription of Faith:
Greater Inscription of Faith:

Inscription of the Oracle:
Greater Inscription of the Oracle:

Silver Spellthread: *
Golden Spellthread:

Restore Mana Prime: *
Exceptional Stats:
Major Mana:

Major Healing:
Blasting: *

Superior Healing:
Restore Mana Prime:
Major Intellect: *

Major Healing:
Major Intellect: *

Shield: Intellect:

* I would get these enchants on pre-Kara gear as they’re a lot cheaper for gear that will be replaced, however if you want the others are perfectly fine. ^^ (I donate all my greens and shards I win to my boyfriend who’s the enchanter.)

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