Ravenholdt – Durholde Keep – Rep grinding

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Music by EmberIsolte:
“Shut Up and Grind”
“Ninja Raiders”

Ravenholdt is a reputation needed for “the Insane” title.

As a hunter I’ve been doing 4500 to 6000 rep per hour (5 rep per kill through 11999 Honored) in Durnholde Keep.

Do not loot.

Start at the back entrance (82, 39).

Kill the first three, turn left and kill two, then jump down and, killing everything on the way, go to the first house and kill them from the door. Go out, kill the ones around the fire pit (80, 45) and into the second house, back out then the third house. If anything’s respawned outside, kill it.

Run to the west section (76, 41), killing the ones on the way. Kill everything outside then into the first house. Ignore the PvP orc and the Jailor if he’s there, neither give rep. Go out to the second house and clear it out. If anything’s respawned outside, kill it. Mount up/sprint/dash/rocket boots and run back east.

If any have respawned around the east fire pit (80, 45), kill them and then head up the ramp. Kill the one up top, and the three to your right and in front of you. Head up the hill killing the two at the top and then the one to the right. Go up the path to the tower (78, 39), killing all including the ones on the right and left sides.

Turn around and go back to the destroyed building (80, 40). Kill everything except the PvP orc and Jailor. Go off the east side killing the mob there and then jump off the hill. Turn left killing mobs on your way and you’re back at the first three you killed when you entered.

Repeat the circuit, killing everything that’s spawned since you last went around, about half should be back up. A full circuit takes about 3 and a half to 4 and a half minutes.

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