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Photo : 2005 Ami Yuy, Model: Lady Amaryllis

1 person:
- $20 for first half hour
- $10 extra per each subsequent half hour

More than one person:
- Add $5 per person, so if there are 2 people total that is $25 for the first half hour and then $15 per each subsequent half hour.

Results to expect:
- For one person - a minimum of 20 pictures to be posted up on either this website and/or in my photo gallery at

- If you want any, please contact me for pricing.

- Everyone in the shoot must be 18 or over.  If someone is not, but still wants to participate, they must have a legal guardian with them so that they can sign the required release form or they need to contact me to get it ahead of time and bring it to the shoot signed.

(These are basic sitting fees for a guaranteed minimum of 20 pictures. Prints or CDs may be available for extra cost.)

Where & When:
- Please check the Ordering page for the information I need from you.
- Please check the Availability page for when I can or can not do a shoot.
- I can only do shoots in Southern California, sorry, but I can not afford to travel.
- If you have a group of people who want pictures, please, no more than 3 if the time is only an hour. Also, please have the costumes somehow be related. I will do shoots for you if they aren't, but having related costumes always helps the photos turn out better.
- Please contact me a good bit in advance if you want pictures at a particular con or event in the Southern California area. I attend several each year, but if I am not planning to and you really want a shoot at that time and place, please contact me ahead of time so that I can see if I can accommodate you.

Photo Usage:
- Please do not use the photos on the internet without giving me credit somewhere on the page or on the photo. I am trying to get my name out there and every little bit helps! - Please credit Ami Yuy and you can link to

For non-convention or cosplay event photos:
- Please contact me at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance. Any later and I might not be able to do a shoot for you.
- When ordering a shoot, please tell me ahead of time how many people there will be and what kind of costumes you will be wearing or what kind of theme you want to incorporate.

Suggestions for YOU to do to prepare for your photoshoot:
- For girls: wear make-up. Light cover-up is fine, but a little bit can go a long way in improving the quality of your pictures. Trust me, from experience, dealing with make-up on your face is well worth it when you get the photos back.
- Get a good night's rest the night before. From experience as well, a rested model is always more lively and relaxed for photos.
- Bring a friend. This may sound silly, but I've found that having a friend there to help you losen up always results in the best pictures. Natural smiles and more natural poses are my favorite things to capture, and having someone you know and trust there goes a long way to bringing that out.
- It would be a good idea to figure out poses that match with your character. If you are in a group, play with some group poses as well.
- Bring a prop if possible. Props are always a huge asset for posing and allow you to have a lot more fun during the shoot.

Ami Yuy June 20, 2005