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Photo : 2005 Ami Yuy, Model: Sparkle Pipsi
How to Order a Shoot:

1) Check the Availability page to see when I can do a shoot

2) If the time or convention you are wondering about is not listed, mention that in the "What convention is this shoot going to be at" field

3) Send me an e-mail at photos (at) with the following information:
Subject: Photoshoot Order

Contact Information-
Phone #:

Shoot Information-
What is the date/date range you are looking to do this on:
How long will it be for:
How many people will there be:
What do you hope to get out of this shoot:
What do you plan to use the pictures for:

Specific Cosplay shoots -
Cosplay Alias (if applicable):
What convention is this shoot going to be at (if any):
What costume will you be wearing (character name and show/game they are from):

How did you find out about Ami Yuy Studios:

Disclaimer: No information is shared with any other parties. It is only collected so that I may contact you when necessary.

Ami Yuy June 20, 2005